COVID - 19

Please if you have been feeling ill wait the recommended time frame through the CDC guidelines to make an appointment. Bayou city Operations requires clients to wear a mask and use our in office sanitizer prior to conducting the appointment. Our office employees are required to wear masks and sanitize each fingerprinting area prior to each appointment. Walk in appointments will be asked to wait in their vehicles until an employees confirms their appointment slot in order to conform to social distancing. Thank You!

Fingerprinting Locations

Bayou City Operations Has Locations Throughout Texas

Ways We Take An Ink Fingerprint Capture

Traditional Ink And Roll

Ink Fingerprinting is the traditional way of taking fingerprints on fingerprint cards using the "ink and roll" method.

Electronic Fingerprint Capture

 Our software allows us to digitally capture your fingerprints and print them out on fingerprint card. You can bring in your own card or use one of our cards. This can be used as a no mess solution that also meets requirements of an ink card

FD-258 Submission

The FD-258 card is a popular request we get from customers that want to submit their fingerprint record to the FBI. We capture your fingerprints electronically and print them on a card which meets ink requirements

The Appointment Process

Choose A Date and Time

Use our calendar to pick a date and time that works for you.

Choose Your Service

Make sure to choose the service you need after picking the required date and time

Visit The Office

Come in for your appointment and get fingerprinted by a Bayou City Operations technician

Need To Get Fingerprinted?

Get it done at Bayou City Operations today

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