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Please if you have been feeling ill wait the recommended time frame through the CDC guidelines to make an appointment. Bayou city Operations requires clients to wear a mask and use our in office sanitizer prior to conducting the appointment. Our office employees are required to wear masks and sanitize each fingerprinting area prior to each appointment. Walk in appointments will be asked to wait in their vehicles until an employees confirms their appointment slot in order to conform to social distancing. Thank You!

FINRA Fingerprinting

Bayou City Operations FINRA Fingerprinting Services

FINRA Fingerprinting and Background Checks

Many of our customers need a FINRA Fingerprint Background Check.

As a certified vendor, Bayou City Operations maintains a secure connection where fingerprints can be submitted electronically with results being delivered back to the broker through FINRA CRD. By using Electronic Fingerprint submissions, we take advantage of faster processing times, higher quality fingerprints, reduced rejection rates, and lower FINRA fingerprint processing fees assessed to firms.

We provide electronic fingerprint submission directly to FINRA. This allows for much quicker results than the traditional mailing method. The results are generally back in 3 to 5 business days after your FINRA Fingerprint Background Check. You will have to provide us with your company's CRD number, name, and address with FINRA. 

finra fingerprinting

What Do I Need For FINRA Services?

  1. Firm CRD Number
  2. Firm Name
  3. Firm's Full Address

Please Note : Some firms ask individuals to be printed on cards for a reason. They keep the cards until they are ready to send them to FINRA on your behalf. Please make sure to check with your firm if transmitting electronically is acceptable.

How Much Does FINRA Fingerprinting Cost?

FINRA Electronic Fingerprint Submission (EFS)


Appointment Process

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Make An Appointment

Make an appointment and pre enroll using our step by step process.

Confirm Via Email

Receive an email from Bayou City Operations confirming your appointment details.

Need To Get Fingerprinted?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Live Scan fingerprinting messy?

No ink is used when doing live scan fingerprinting. You only need to touch a clean piece of glass to capture your images.

Q. What is FINRA fingerprinting?

The fingerprinting process is the same as any other fingerprinting process except we forward the results to FINRA upon completion.

Q. What does a FINRA background check show?

A FINRA Background check will yield the same results as a standard background check, except the results will be forwarded to FINRA upon completion.


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