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Please if you have been feeling ill wait the recommended time frame through the CDC guidelines to make an appointment. Bayou city Operations requires clients to wear a mask and use our in office sanitizer prior to conducting the appointment. Our office employees are required to wear masks and sanitize each fingerprinting area prior to each appointment. Walk in appointments will be asked to wait in their vehicles until an employees confirms their appointment slot in order to conform to social distancing. Thank You!

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Services

Bayou City Operations Offers Fingerprinting for FDLE Requirements.

What are FDLE Fingerprinting Services?

Some customers need specific FDLE  services such as an FDLE Background Check. FDLE fingerprinting services differ then standard fingerprinting services because they must meet the specific requirements put in place by Florida's Department of Law Enforcement.

Bayou City Operations is an approved FDLE vendor, therefore we can assist with your FDLE needs whether you need to be fingerprinted or a receive an FDLE background check

Some of our FDLE Customers Include

Department of Health

FDLE fingerprints are used for multiple agencies within the department of health.

Employees And Volunters

Volunteers of certain qualified organizations that provide care to children, and the elderly or disabled.



Massage Therapists

Message Therapists applying for a license in the state of Florida may need FDLE background checks.

Fingerprinting Company


Realtors in the state of Florida are required to receive an FDLE background check.

Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers in the state of Florida sometimes require FDLE background checks.

ORI Number for FDLE Services

An ORI Number is a code that tells Bayou City Operations why you are getting a background check and lets FDLE know where to send your results.
The applicant will be given instructions (from the agency) that includes a specific ORI Number (Originating Agency Identifier). Florida Live Scan background checks are typically completed within three business days of receiving the electronic submission.
fdle fingeprinting

Need An FDLE Appointment?

Use the button below to schedule your FDLE live scan or background check appointment. be sure to have your ORI number ready for your appointment.

How Much Does FDLE Fingerprinting Cost?

$100 - $130

FDLE Background Check

A direct fingerprint submission to the Florida Department Law Enforcement. Results in 1 to 2 business days. Price dependent upon ORI #


Mobile FDLE Services

Bayou City Operations FDLE services at your doorstep. Deposit is required and no job is too far. $25 deposit required

The Appointment Process

Choose Your Service

Make sure to choose the service you need after picking the required date and time

Choose A Date and Time

Use our calendar to pick a date and time that works for you.

Visit The Office

Come in for your appointment and get fingerprinted by a Bayou City Operations technician

Need To Get Fingerprinted?

Get it done at Bayou City Operations today

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take to get electronically fingerprinted?

It typically takes about 10 minutes from the time you are called, until all of your fingerprints have been captured.

Q. Who Needs Live Scan fingerprinting?

Many agencies and programs accept electronically submitted fingerprints for occasions such as adoption and gaining a firearm permit. Certain careers and professions will also require fingerprints as part of a background check. Some of these include nurse practitioners, physicians, pharmacists, dentists, and more.

Q. How do I get fingerprinted in Florida?

The Florida fingerprinting process is the same as getting fingerprinted in any other state. However, the submission must meet FDLE state requirements, which Bayou City Operations is able to do as an approved vendor.

Q. What is an ORI Number? 

An ORI Number is a nine character Originating Agency Identification assigned to a specific agency.


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