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FBI Background Check Apostille Services

Bayou City Operations FBI Background Check Apostille Services

Bayou City Operations Apostille Services

If you plan on traveling to a foreign country to either live, work, or attend school, you may be asked to obtain an FBI Criminal History Summary Report, also known as an FBI Background Check or Departmental Order.

Many countries will request FBI background Checks to be Apostilled. Bayou City Operations offers an FBI Background Check Apostille Service via our channeling partner. Having your FBI background check Apostilled ensures its legitimacy to another nation that abides by the Hague Convention of 1961.

FBI Background Check Apostille Services

Who Needs An Apostille?

Individuals who travel abroad to live, work, or attend school may be asked at some point to have documents Apostilled or Authenticated. If you need an apostille, make an appointment for our FBI Background Check Apostille Service using the button below.

FBI Apostille Service Pricing

$175 + Up

FBI Apostille's

Apostille your FBI background check or authentication. 3-5 weeks standard with rush services available upon request


Mobile Services

Bayou City Operations Apostille services at your doorstep. Deposit is required and no job is too far. $25 deposit required

The Appointment Process

Choose A Date and Time

Use our calendar to pick a date and time that works for you.

Choose Your Service

Make sure to choose the service you need after picking the required date and time

Visit The Office

Come in for your appointment and get fingerprinted by a Bayou City Operations technician

Need To Get Fingerprinted?

Get it done at Bayou City Operations today

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What information do I need to have my fingerprints done?

A valid state or federally issued form of identification is needed so we can prove your identity. A driver's license or passport is an acceptable form of identification.

Q. What payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as cash at our in-office location.

Q. How do I get an FBI apostille?

To get an FBI Apostille, you must make an appointment for an FBI background check and have it submitted for an apostille via an FBI approved channeler.

Q. What is an FBI approved channeler?

An FBI approved channeler is a person or organization who is authorized to send a background check to the FBI to be apostilled.

Q. Who Apostille's documents in the USA?

An FBI approved channeler submits the document to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who approves the Apostille.

Q. What is the meaning of Apostille?

Apostille is a French word that means "certification".

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